Cilia and membrane trafficking meetings 2017-2018

A non-exhaustive list of some scientific meetings of interest to our own lab in the area of biology of cilia and of membrane dynamics.  We’ll hope to get someone from the lab to most of these! Invitations welcome 😉


Actin 2017

UK Membrane Trafficking which will be on 18 December 2017. [There is a change in venue as SOAS have closed their conference centre.]

The Dynamic Cell III  BSCB/Biochemical Society joint meeting 19- 21 March 2018 Manchester Conference Centre

British Microtubule Meeting in Edinburgh, Monday April 30th, 2018.

* Matrix Biology Europe July 21, 2018 @ 8:00 am – July 24, 2018

* EMBO Cilia 2018 in Denmark 2-5 October 2018

* EMBO ER meeting 21–25 October 2018 | IT–Lucca EMBO Workshop Endoplasmic reticulum function in health and disease.

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